Why Turrentine? KNOWLEDGE

August 06, 2015

KNOWLEDGE: Solving your problems and meeting your NEEDS.

In this internet-driven, self-sufficient age, people are able to conveniently and quickly do just about anything for themselves. From earning a college degree to researching any imaginable topic to purchasing necessities and luxuries to idyllic do-it-yourself home improvements.

But how do you know that all of this information is reliable? How can you be certain that all of this information is accurate and applicable to you and your situation?

If you woke up not feeling well this morning, would you call your doctor or self-diagnose yourself on the internet? You may only have a common cold, but that internet site said you have the beginnings of a life-altering disease! (I bet you called your doctor after that, just to be sure…)

Or what about that lawsuit that just crossed your desk at the office? Are you going to trust the internet to answer all of your legal questions and to decipher all of the legal jargon in those suit papers? Wouldn’t a lawyer be able to hear your situation and give you some guidance specific to your case—and give you a little peace of mind in the process?

So why is insurance any different? Why is the internet the place to purchase insurance?

“We have to have insurance,” you may say. Or “All insurance is essentially the same anyway.”

Is it?

How old are you? What is your health like? What do you do for a living? What does your spouse do? Where do you live? What type of residence is it? Do you own a vehicle? What type of vehicle is it? What are your hobbies?

Does everyone on the planet answer these questions in exactly the same way?


Insurance is not created equal. Insurance is not the same. People are not the same.

And if that’s true, why would you go to a generic source like the internet to cover the very specific, unique framework of your life that you have dedicated yourself to building?

You need a person. Someone with whom you can sit down, look in the eye, and speak freely. There’s a lot to be said for words, voice inflection, facial expression, and plain ole human interaction…something that’s missing in this internet-driven, self-sufficient age.

You need an agent. A person.

Why Turrentine Insurance Agency?

It’s where our knowledge of insurance meets your needs…in person.