Why Turrentine? INTEGRITY

July 01, 2015

INTEGRITY: Proving our words are MORE than lip service.

“Actions speak louder than words.” What does this phrase conjure up in your mind?

Maybe it’s the sound of your mother’s voice, soothing your injured child self after your best friend slugged you on the playground. Apparently his promise of “best friends no matter what” only applied when there was no other playmate alternative…

Maybe it’s the memory of that first love: “I love you too much to stay.” What does that even mean? “I’m really not looking to make the kind of commitment I know you deserve.” Oh, puke!! And then you meet his new girl…

Maybe it’s the sensation in your stomach when you were denied that big promotion. “You do a fantastic job! And we appreciate your 25 years of dedicated service. I even highly recommended you for the position! But corporate wants someone younger…”

“Actions speak louder than words.” Isn’t this statement usually followed by the recollection of a painful experience or memory? We all have them. And we all vow from the experience to not be “that” person. We all vow to be the person who does what they say.

Is it possible for actions and words to be spoken at the same decibel? Or is one always louder than the other? Couldn’t we strive for our actions to harmonize with the melody of our words?

This kind of music is beautiful, and we believe it’s worth striving for.

What music do YOU want to listen to?