Why Turrentine? EXPERIENCE

August 11, 2015


What are your greatest fears? We all have them.

Maybe it’s spiders. Or snakes. Or “lions, and tigers, and bears…OH MY!!” (Apparently Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz had several fears…)

Maybe it’s heights or flying or tight spaces.

But I’m not really talking about those fears. I’m talking about the ones you only share with your most trusted friend—or no one at all. You carry it quietly around inside…the ones that crash over you when you least expect it…

Maybe it’s cancer or some other life-altering and debilitating disease. Maybe it’s old age and being alone. Maybe it’s the death of your loved ones. Maybe it’s the destruction of your home and having no where to go.

What are your fears? The REAL ones?

It may seem a little silly to think that insurance can help remove, lessen, or calm these fears. But fear is kind of where we come in. The purpose of insurance is to help minimize doubt and fear. Ever thought about it that way?

Probably not.

When you buy a house, your mortgage holder wants you to have insurance to protect their collateral (your home). So, you buy a homeowners policy. When you buy a car, the law requires a minimum level of liability coverage and the finance company screams at you for physical damage coverage. So, you buy an automobile policy.

But what about YOU? What if you bought insurance for YOU? Not for some third party who wants their share? Or because someone is telling you that you have to purchase it? What if you bought insurance to protect YOU? You know, the one who has the real need…the one putting up the cash for the purchase…the one whose future depends on the home, car, income, LIFE!!

Novel thought, huh?

Have you ever thought about what scares you the most and then decided to contact your insurance agent to ask them about what products could help protect you from the underlying fear? Think about the available types of insurance: homeowners, auto, life, health, disability income, long-term care, general liability, commercial property, workers compensation, and so many more. Each of these products are designed to protect YOU and YOUR business first!

So those fears you thought about earlier… What are they?

Come tell us.

Why Turrentine?

It’s where we face your fears together.