Why Turrentine? DEDICATION

July 16, 2015

DEDICATION: Caring about YOU…as a person…as a customer…as a member of our family.

Ever meet someone you would describe as "driven?" Meaning, they give 100% of themselves to whatever it is that is driving them: a career, a hobby, a goal, a belief, a cause? Maybe they're driven so much by that one "thing" that their name is equivalent or synonymous in your mind with what drives them.

Let's play a game. ☺ When these names are mentioned, what automatically pops into your mind?

  1. George Washington? Martin Luther King, Jr.? Abraham Lincoln? Louis Pasteur?
  2. Henry Ford? Pablo Picasso? Albert Einstein? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
  3. Walt Disney? Elvis Presley? Sam Walton? George Strait?
  4. Michael Jordan? Mother Theresa? Susan G. Komen? Steve Jobs?

Isn't the first thing that comes to your mind what they are known or remembered for?

  1. First US President. Freedom / Civil Rights. Civil War President. Pasteurization.
  2. Ford Model T / Assembly Line. Painter. Scientist. Composer / Musician.
  3. Movies / Cartoonist. Rock ‘N' Roll. WalMart. Country Music.
  4. Basketball. Charity. Breast Cancer Awareness. Apple.

Most likely, the majority of these people did not wake up one morning and think to themselves, "I want to be forever remembered as a famous _____. Let's set about doing that today."

Odds are, these people woke up every morning just like we do: crawling out of bed, desperately consuming that first cup of coffee, stumbling into the shower, and going about their day. Day in. Day out. Steady. Consistent. Unwavering. They put hours…no, years…their whole life, in fact, investing in this one thing that mattered to them more than any other. Maybe their ultimate goal was simply to provide for their family; but in the end, they became so enamored with that one driving activity that it became "them." Their way of life. And they are now forever remembered by that driven dedication.

Why Turrentine?

It's where your insurance becomes synonymous with our name.