Why Turrentine? COMMITMENT

July 30, 2015

COMMITMENT: Protecting what matters most…your business…your home…your FAMILY.

Do you remember how long it took you to decide what job or career you wanted to do? For. the. rest. of. your. life. Kind of a big decision.

Do you remember buying your first home? Another big decision. 30 years to pay off a debt is a LONG time.

How long did it take you to find the wife or husband of your dreams? How long did you date? How long were you engaged? What about the wedding details? Big decisions.

These decisions took time. Not just a quarter of an hour. Not even an hour! Most of these decisions took days, months…maybe years. These decisions built the framework of your life. They determined which way your life would go.

So the real question is this: if you spent that much time building your career and your family and your life, why on earth would you spend only a quarter of an hour trying to protect it? Aren't all of these things worth more than 15 minutes of your time?

Think about it: you spend 15 minutes a day taking a shower (hopefully!) or eating lunch or taking a break at the office or pumping gas into your car. All great things! But…

If you spend that much time taking care of routine tasks, why would you spend the same amount of time trying to protect the framework that you’ve spent a lifetime building? Isn’t the framework of your life worth a little more effort?

Why Turrentine?

It’s where our commitment to your insurance is measured in hours, days, and years.

Not minutes.