"This Will Never Happen Again!"

"This Will Never Happen Again!"

May 19, 2015

A “Choose Your Own Ending” Story: Ending 1

It’s a typical Thursday afternoon. Only about 2 more hours left in the work day. You have almost made it! Thunder rumbles in the distance…wait…maybe it wasn’t that distant.

Then the rain comes. That’s not a shocker: it’s been raining all week. But then…you hear it. It’s coming down in sheets. Flooding sheets.

But you remember that flood insurance policy you purchased after the last hurricane to protect you against just such a situation...

Oh. Wait.

You didn’t actually purchase it. You just thought about it.

After that hurricane, your home required so much renovation due to flooding, it seemed like a reasonable thing to purchase at the time. But then, “Hurricanes don’t happen every day,” you reasoned.

But…maybe you should have purchased that policy. Those flooding sheets of rain look eerily similar to that “rare” hurricane rain…

The panic begins to rise with the water steadily coming down outside...

What was that agent’s name again?

“No need to be dramatic! Responding out of worn emotions and a drained wallet is not wise.”

“I don’t really need flood insurance. I don’t even live in a flood zone! I mean, really? How often would this really happen? To me?”