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EXPERIENCE: Calming your FEARS. What are your greatest fears? We all have them. Maybe it’s spiders. Or snakes. Or “lions, and tigers, and bears…OH MY!!” (Apparently Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz had several fears…) Maybe it’s heights or flying or tight spaces. READ MORE >>

Y’all…it’s that weekend. You know the one I’m talking about: the one where the inner shopaholic is allowed to come out for a little while. I mean…c’mon! You’re saving money, for pity’s sake! J It’s the perfect weekend to READ MORE >>

KNOWLEDGE: Solving your problems and meeting your NEEDS. In this internet-driven, self-sufficient age, people are able to conveniently and quickly do just about anything for themselves. From earning a college degree to researching any imaginable topic to purchasing necessities and luxuries to idyllic do-it-yourself home READ MORE >>

COMMITMENT: Protecting what matters most…your business…your home…your FAMILY.   Do you remember how long it took you to decide what job or career you wanted to do? For. the. rest. of. your. life. Kind of a big decision.   Do you remember buying your READ MORE >>

We have officially reached the “dog days” of summer. Temperatures are forecasted to reach the upper nineties and soar past 100 over the next several days. Why suffer? Stay cool: eat an ice cream sandwich! A homemade ice cream sandwich. Two sugar READ MORE >>

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