Stay Cool: Have an Ice Cream Sandwich!

Stay Cool: Have an Ice Cream Sandwich!

July 17, 2015

We have officially reached the “dog days” of summer. Temperatures are forecasted to reach the upper nineties and soar past 100 over the next several days. Why suffer? Stay cool: eat an ice cream sandwich!

A homemade ice cream sandwich.

Two sugar cookies sandwiching one large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Smoosh those cookies and that scoop of ice cream together, wrap them in Saran wrap, and freeze them for a minimum of 45 minutes.

Then when that heat index hits 90 degrees, grab that treat out of the freezer and enjoy the gloriously cool, refreshing, completely comforting and fulfilling goodness of cookies and ice cream.

Go back for seconds when the thermometer hits 95…and 100…and 105…

It’s highly important to your health to not get overheated. Go ahead…stay cool…have an ice cream sandwich. We will…

What treats will YOU enjoy to stay cool during these “dog days” of summer?