Insurance in Alexandria, LA

August 07, 2012

Turrentine Insurance Agency, Inc. was founded by Russell Turrentine in April, 1961. Russell built the Agency on a Christian foundation with one principle motivation at its cornerstone: The customer's needs come first.

With the help and support of his wife, Verna, Russell began to grow the Agency into a successful and thriving business. His forward-looking mentality led him to a vision for the future: Establishing a partnership with his son, Rusty. Russell and Verna passed their values of honesty and integrity on to Rusty which helped forge the partnership Russell had envisioned. Together, this family team lifted Turrentine Insurance Agency, Inc. to a leading position within central Louisiana. However, there was one final member of the team yet to make her debut. So, in 1976 the Turrentine Insurance Agency team was made complete with the introduction of Rusty's wife, Gwen.

The Turrentine family's future-oriented mindset led to a journey into the technological era. In 1977, Turrentine Insurance Agency, Inc. became one of the first agencies in central Louisiana to employ its very own "in-house" computer system. This system has undergone continual evaluation and is currently one of the most sophisticated computer systems available. The Turrentine family views technological advancement as a paramount importance, so rest assured that each possible update will be strongly considered.

Just as technology progressed, Turrentine Insurance Agency, Inc. had to examine its own evolution. Therefore, Rusty and Gwen solidified the Agency's future by employing their three boys: Russ, Wes, and Lindsay. Each of the boys was instilled with the Turrentine family's strong values and intense work ethic. Therefore, Turrentine Insurance Agency, Inc. will continue to use the "Golden Rule" in relation to its customers because this rule is the very nature of the Agency's foundation.