"I Have A Flood Policy. I'm Covered!"

"I Have A Flood Policy. I'm Covered!"

May 26, 2015

A “Choose Your Own Ending” Story: Ending 3

It’s a typical Thursday afternoon. Only about 2 more hours left in the work day. You have almost made it! Thunder rumbles in the distance…wait…maybe it wasn’t that distant.

Then the rain comes. That’s not a shocker: it’s been raining all week. But then…you hear it. It’s coming down in sheets. Flooding sheets.

But you remember that flood insurance policy you purchased after the last hurricane to protect you against just such a situation...

Whew! No worries. You’re covered.

But are you?

Does your policy cover the contents of your home?

Translation: Does your flood policy cover the brand new bedroom furniture, shelves of books, and closet full of clothes that has the potential to be ruined in under 30 minutes by those flooding sheets of rain? Does your flood policy specifically say that it covers the contents of your home?

The policy may cover damages to your home--new flooring in your bedroom, sheet rock repair for the 2 feet of water that sat there for over 4 hours, or other damages to the physical building caused by the flood. But the things in your home...

You might wanna find out what your flood policy actually covers. Do you know what you have? Do you know what you don't have?

'Cause there's more rain in the forecast...