"Happily Ever After!"

"Happily Ever After!"

May 28, 2015

A “Choose Your Own Ending” Story: Ending 4

It’s a typical Thursday afternoon. Only about 2 more hours left in the work day. You have almost made it! Thunder rumbles in the distance…wait…maybe it wasn’t that distant.

Then the rain comes. That’s not a shocker: it’s been raining all week. But then…you hear it. It’s coming down in sheets. Flooding sheets.

But you remember that flood insurance policy you purchased after the last hurricane to protect you against just such a situation...

Yes, that hurricane really rocked your world. All the time, effort, and funds it took to recover what was lost was painful and draining--no pun intended. The minimal amount of premium paid to cover potential future flooding is worth every penny. This is Louisiana, after all! Hurricanes and freak weather are a part of life down here!

You spoke to your agent just last month to make the annual payment. They were so friendly… Not only that, but you remember how kind they were when you first purchased the policy. They were so helpful in answering your questions about what your policy covered and what it did not.

Then you heard another rumble…much closer this time. And you realized it was your stomach. “Hmmm…I wonder what’s for dinner?”

The sheets of rain steadily falling…

So, how does YOUR flood story end?